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Edy's Vehicle Physics

Here you can find all the documentation and reference for using the project.

For generic information, download, gallery, live demo, etc. please visit Edy's Vehicle Physics showcase page.

Setting up

For accessing GIT repository and project's files please send me a message (edytado@…) including your Asset Store invoice number. Please allow 24-48 hours to receive an email with instructions.

After importing the unitypackage, exit Unity and copy the file InputManager.asset from Assets to ProjectSettings.

Missing scripts?

Import the unitypackage into a completely empty project. Existing files, specially from the standard assets, may cause some files not to be imported resulting in compilation errors.

Or you can download the entire project as ZIP file and open it directly in Unity.


How to add vehicles to your own scenes

How to building a new, full featured scene with vehicles


CameraControl - Controls the main camera of the scene, providing different views and camera options.

CarCameras - Manages the vehicle-specific camera settings, including mirror cameras, vehicle cameras and view parameters.

CarControl - Main script for controlling and configuring each vehicle's behavior and handling.

CarDamage - Performs the mesh deformation on impacts.

CarMain - Main script that handles the user input and controls the logic of the scene.

CarSettings - High-level properties for configuring each vehicle's features and driving aids.

CarTelemetry - Displays internal information from the vehicle's components.

CarVisuals - Produces the visual effects for the wheels.

CarWheel - Controls the WheelCollider component for behaving as expected.

CarWheelFriction - Provides functions for gathering information on the WheelCollider's friction curves.

Other documents

Performance and optimization

The stabilizer bars: creating physically real, stable vehicles

Terms and Conditions for using Edy's Vehicle Physics in your projects