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Edy's Vehicle Physics 4 (EVP4)

This is the archived documentation for Edy's Vehicle Physics for Unity 4.

The documentation for Edy's Vehicle Physics for Unity 5 (EVP5) can be found here:

Setting up

  • Download & import from the Asset Store in Unity 4
  • Read the Readme.txt file for relevant information regarding further setup such as control setup (Input manager).

FAQ & Support

Frequently Asked Questions are answered at the first post of the official forum thread:


How to add vehicles to your own scenes

How to building a new, full featured scene with vehicles


CameraControl - Controls the main camera of the scene, providing different views and camera options.

CarCameras - Manages the vehicle-specific camera settings, including mirror cameras, vehicle cameras and view parameters.

CarControl - Main script for controlling and configuring each vehicle's behavior and handling.

CarDamage - Performs the mesh deformation on impacts.

CarMain - Main script that handles the user input and controls the logic of the scene.

CarSettings - High-level properties for configuring each vehicle's features and driving aids.

CarTelemetry - Displays internal information from the vehicle's components.

CarVisuals - Produces the visual effects for the wheels.

CarWheel - Controls the WheelCollider component for behaving as expected.

CarWheelFriction - Provides functions for gathering information on the WheelCollider's friction curves.

Other documents

Performance and optimization

The stabilizer bars: creating physically real, stable vehicles

Terms and Conditions for using Edy's Vehicle Physics in your projects