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Tutorial: How to add vehicles to your own scenes

1. Import Edy's Vehicle Physics into your project

A folder EdyVehiclePhysics will be created for the package. Please take a quick look at the Readme txt file.

2. Drag the vehicle prefab into your scene

As easy as it sounds. The vehicle prefabs are located in the folder EdyVehiclePhysics\Prefabs\Vehicles\.

3. Play!!

The vehicle already respond to basic user input: Horizontal - Vertical axis for steering and acceleration/brake, and Jump (space) as handbrake.

3. Add extras if required

  • Skidmarks & smoke: Add the prefab Skidmarks located at EdyVehiclePhysics\Prefabs to the scene. Click Play and you have skidmarks and smoke.

  • Camera looking at the vehicle: Add any of the camera scripts under the folder EdyVehiclePhysics\Scripts\Camera to your camera. Drag the vehicle GameObject from the Hierarchy to the script's Target property.