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Terms & Conditions:

These conditions are for the code only. The art has been provided either by third parties under their conditions (see below), or by free downloads from 3D repositories.

  • Use for unlimited time, any number of projects, royalty-free.
  • Keep the copyright notices on top of the source files.
  • Resale or redistribute as anything except a final product to the end user (asset / library / engine / middleware / etc.) is not allowed.
  • Include the following line in your game's credits or about page: Uses Edy's Vehicle Physics by Angel García "Edy"

Bug reports, improvements to the code, suggestions on further developments, etc are always welcome.
Unity forum user: Edy Email:

City scenery provided by ikiman under his conditions. Not for commercial purposes.
Vehicles (except the L200 pickup) provided by LuckyMountain. Not for commercial purposes.
The Mitsubishi L200 is a free model available at 3D repositories on the web.