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     3## Edy's Vehicle Physics Wiki 
     9### Getting started 
     11__README:__ [Edy's Vehicle Physics overview and features][1]   
     12__Live demo:__ [Play Edy's Vehicle Physics demo project][11]   
     13__Videos:__ [Watch some videos at Youtube][12]   
     14__Tutorial:__ [Building a new scene with vehicles][2] 
     16### Download 
     18[Get it from the Unity Asset Store][13] (first step, required)   
     19[Get the latest version via GIT][3]   
     20[Download project in a single ZIP file][4]   
     22>__Please note__: You must be contributor of this project in order to be able to download it here (GIT or ZIP). Get it from the [Asset Store][13] first, then please PM me at the [Unity forums][] (username: Edy) specifying the invoice number and your user at Codaset. 
     24### Reference 
     26[[CameraControl]] - Controls the main camera of the scene, providing different views and camera options.   
     27[[CarCameras]] - Manages the vehicle-specific camera settings, including mirror cameras, vehicle cameras and view parameters.   
     28[[CarControl]] - Main script for controlling and configuring each vehicle's behavior and handling.   
     29[[CarDamage]] - Performs the mesh deformation on impacts.   
     30[[CarInput]] - Main script that handles the user input and controls the logic of the scene.   
     31[[CarSettings]] - High-level properties for configuring each vehicle's features and driving aids.   
     32[[CarTelemetry]] - Displays internal information from the vehicle's components.   
     33[[CarVisuals]] - Produces the visual effects for the wheels.   
     34[[CarWheel]] - Controls the WheelCollider component for behaving as expected.   
     35[[CarWheelFriction]] - Provides functions for gathering information on the WheelCollider's friction curves.    
     37### Other documents 
     39[Performance and optimization][5]   
     40[The stabilizer bars: creating physically real, stable vehicles][7]   
     41[Terms and Conditions for using Edy's Vehicle Physics in your projects][6] 
     59[Unity forums]: