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Terms & Conditions:

These conditions are for the code only. The art has been provided either by third parties under their conditions (see below), or by free downloads from 3D repositories.

  • Use for unlimited time, any number of projects, royalty-free.
  • Keep the copyright notices on top of the source files.
  • Resale or redistribute as anything except a final product to the end user (asset / library / engine / middleware / etc.) is not allowed.
  • Put me (Angel Garcia "Edy") in your game's credits as author of the vehicle physics.

Bug reports, improvements to the code, suggestions on further developments, etc are always welcome.
Unity forum user: Edy Email:

City scenery provided by ikiman under his conditions. Not for commercial purposes.
Vehicles (except the L200 pickup) provided by LuckyMountain. Not for commercial purposes.
The Mitsubishi L200 is a free model available at 3D repositories on the web.