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Displays internal information from the vehicle's components (speed, acceleration, suspension, inputs...). Also shows the graphic tire telemetry (realtime friction curves) and the debugging gizmos in the Editor (force lines). It's used for debugging and fine tuning the vehicles. It doesn't have utility in games.

This script is added to a Main GameObject intended to hold the control scripts for the scene, together with a CarInput script.

Target: vehicle to show the telemetry from. It must contain a CarControl script. The CarInput script configures the Target to the active vehicle.

Enabled: shows or hides all the telemetry information.

Gizmos: if enabled, playing the project within the Unity Editor shows force lines at the tires. Also shows the center of mass for the vehicle. Enable the Gizmos option in the Game window.

Velocity: in addition to the forces, velocity lines at the contact point for each tire (blue) are also displayed.

Curves: shows an additional window with the graphic tire telemetry, as well as graphic suspension data.

Style: text style for the telemetry window.