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     1{{{ #!Markdown 
     3# CarInput 
     5Main script for controlling the scene. The controllable vehicles and the logic of the scene are managed here. 
     7- Reads, manages and applies all user input (keyboard, joystick, etc).  
     8- Allows vehicle selection and driving. 
     9- Controls the camera modes. 
     10- Configures the camera and shadows for quality modes (F12). 
     11- Shows the vehicle's dashboard (speed, driving aids, etc). 
     12- Shows the help window (H). 
     13- Shows the vehicle's telemetry window (B) if a [CarTelemetry](wiki:CarTelemetry) script is available in the same GameObject. 
     14- Offers the slow time feature. 
     16This script is added to a _Main_ GameObject intended to hold the control scripts for the scene. 
     18__Cars__: references to the controllable vehicles in the scene. They must contain a [CarControl](wiki:CarControl) script. User can switch the active car with the PageUp / PageDown keys. 
     20__startupCar__: car of the list that will be selected on startup. 
     22__MainCamera__: reference to the main camera of the scene. It must contain a [CameraControl](wiki:CameraControl) script. 
     24__MainLight__: reference to the main light of the scene. The script configures its shadows for offering the low quality mode (F12). 
     26__PayLoad__: reference to the object used as payload (the gray box in the [live demo][], key E for moving. It's just for fun in the demo). 
     28__slowTime__: time scale used for the slow time mode (T). 
     30__showHelp__: help window enabled or disabled (H). 
     32__guiEnabled__: vehicle's dashboard enabled or disabled. 
     34__BigTextStyle, TextStyle, BoxStyle, guiSkin__: GUIStyle and GUISkin objects for displaying the dashboard. 
     38[live demo]: