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Vehicle Physics Specialized Assets

Repository with components and scripts exclusive of the VPP Enterprise edition. These provide advanced vehicle setups and specialized features.

  • Automation: self drive, precise target chaser, automated tests, vehicle snapshot, telemetry exporter.
  • Cargo simulation: solid and liquid cargo.
  • Advanced suspension: multi-parameter damper, dynamic suspension, progressive springs.
  • Multi-body controllers: dumper, excavator, wheel loader.
  • Specialized vehicle controllers: diesel-electric, bulldozer, caterpillars, two wheeled.
  • Motion platform support: D-BOX, SimTools, CXC.
  • D-Box Motion Cueing System support: component and binaries.

GIT repository

  • SSH: ssh://
  • ZIP snapshot: Open the Revision list, then click the zip link.


Requires these repositories to be present in the project: